Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, June 2, 2023

Arar Water Tower - A regional landmark for Urban and Cultural development

The Arar water tower is one of the landmarks that best symbolize the urban and cultural revival in the northern border region, due to its remarkable geometric appearance.

It was constructed for a total of 105 million riyals and stands about 86 meters tall. Having a 1600 cubic meter capacity and a 1500 cubic meter upper tank with a 3500 square meter surface area. Most Viewed : Arar border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq reopened after 30 years of closure

- The ground floor of the Arar Water Tower project consists of of reception halls, a conference room and support services on a 706 square meter area, and the first level consists of administrative offices and a chapel on a 436 square meter area.

- Service units, such as rooms for the generator, transformer, and water pumps, total 76 square meters with a 630 square meter surface. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Arar, the site is surrounded by gardens, greenery, and a recreation area. Recommend : World's Tallest Fountain is in Jeddah

- By taking into consideration the growth in population, the rates of economic growth, the expansion of agricultural activity, and the development of animal production, the Arar water tower helps to provide and develop services for people in terms of water and its services.

- A variety of public and private organizations, as well as fireworks, take part in a variety of sporting, cultural, and entertainment events at the Arar Water Tower Park. Every year, in honor of National Day, the tower turns green. Trending : 11th March in Saudi Arabia is declared as Flag Day

Arar Water Tower - A regional landmark for Urban and Cultural development -

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