Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, April 24, 2016

World's Tallest Fountain is King Fahd Fountain in Jeddah

Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia owns World's Tallest Water Fountain, Also known as King Fahd's Fountain or Jeddah Fountain. This water fountain is clearly visible from corniche Jeddah, It is also visible from various places of Jeddah and so far from miles around the city.

King Fahd's Fountain was constructed in between 1980 and 1983 and it was launched in the year of 1985. This fountain is a gift for Jeddah city from King Fahad so why the name came as King Fahd's Fountain. Similar Article : Jeddah owns World's Tallest Flag Pole

- Jeddah Fountain is using water from Red Sea, Its a salt water. The speed of water ejects of this fountain is 375 kmph. Recommended : Using Mobile While Driving in Saudi

- As of now, King Fahd's Fountain holds the first position as tallest fountain of the world, As this water fountain jets water at a maximum height of 1024 feet. Read Also : Domestic and International Airports in Saudi

- Gateway Geyser in East St.Louis holds the second place as World's Tallest Fountain, As this water fountain jets water at a maximum height of 853 feet. Related Article : ATM Withdrawal Limit in Saudi Arabia

- King Fahd's Fountain glitters at night with the help of 500 spotlights, It glitters in a day with the light of the sun. You May Also Like : Performing Umrah on Visit Visa

- Jeddah Fountain ejects the water in a straight direction, As per the wind direction it makes its own shape. See Also : World's Tallest Flag Pole

- King Fahd's Fountain was built in similar to Switzerland Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva.

- Jeddah Fountain was only closed at the time of annual maintainance, It means visible all 24 hours except at the time of maintainance. 

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