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A doctor lists 4 ways to prevent a Heart attack

Cardiologist Dr. Ulf Landmesser educates how to avoid having a heart attack. Four elements need to be given extra attention, if you want to lower your chance of having a heart attack, said Landmesser in an interview with the German magazine Focus.

1. Blood Pressure (BP) : One of the most prevalent causes of heart disease is high blood pressure. The easier it is to avoid harming the heart and blood vessels, the faster treatment can start. See Also : 7 tips to control high Blood Pressure

2. Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) : Low-density lipoproteins (LDL), the body's primary cholesterol transporter, having high LDL readings might result in cholesterol plaques building up in the blood vessels.

3. Family History : To determine the genetic likelihood of developing cardiovascular problems, one must be aware of their family's medical history. Early heart attacks raise the chance of having cardiovascular disease later in life.

4. Diabetes : Blood arteries are permanently damaged by this disease's high blood sugar levels and related metabolic abnormalities. Most Viewed : It is recommended to walk 10,000 steps daily

- The earlier we adopt protective measures, the better, he claims, adding that we can now deal with all of these issues. 

- Additionally, he noted that those with chronic inflammatory illnesses may experience a heart attack. As a result, "Novosti" advises that they should pay close attention to the signs listed above.

- Dr. Ulf Landmesser highlighted that adults over 40 years of age should go thorough annual check-ups. Viewable Story : 6 foods that can risk your heart health

A doctor lists 4 ways to prevent a Heart attack -

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