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An opportunity to work during the Hajj season through Ajeer - MHRSD

Those who wish to work in the holy sites during the Hajj season of this Year 2023 (1444 AH), including Saudi nationals and resident expatriates were called to submit their resumes at "Bab Ajeer" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

“Bab Ajeer”, the new interface to display the job opportunities available within the Kingdom. The service allows individuals to upload their CVs and apply for various job opportunities in many sectors and companies. Trending : Illegal Hajj pilgrims to face deportation and 10 years ban

- This is part of the Ministry's efforts to plan work throughout the Hajj season, to make participating facilities and workers more accessible, to increase the quality of services offered to pilgrims, and to enhance their overall experience during the Hajj season.

- The Ministry permits businesses open during the Hajj season to hire temporary Saudis and expatriates to meet their labor demands. Businesses may also issue "Hajj wage worker" permits to employees who will be working in the holy sites. Most Viewed : History of Gold, Silver doors of the Holy Kaaba

- Through the "Ajeer Gate" of the platform, businesses that are permitted to operate during the Hajj season can advertise any open positions during that time. The portal also enables the job seeker to browse those openings and submit applications for positions that are right for him.

- "Ajeer" aims to increase the workforce's adaptability and movement in the labor market. This is done to meet the needs of the businesses, improve the market's efficiency and effectiveness of the labor force, give entrepreneurs adaptable solutions, transfer knowledge, and lessen reliance on outside hiring. Recommend : Mashaer train to serve Hajj pilgrims

- Additionally, it makes it possible for businesses and individuals to take use of the "Hajj wage hire" service electronically in a simple manner via the website "https:/".

An opportunity to work during the Hajj season through Ajeer - MHRSD -

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