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Animal proteins are better than Vegetable proteins - Food Specialist

Animal proteins are better than the vegetable proteins because they include more amino acids, according to Food Safety and Quality specialist in Saudi Arabia, Fahd Al-Saeed. See Also : Sleeping less than 6 hours a day? know its effects on us

Also, the food expert added via his Twitter account that animal proteins are regarded as being of higher quality because they have a larger concentration of important amino acids than vegetable proteins.

- The nutritionist continued, saying that since the body is unable to produce the required amino acids, they must be taken from food sources like from animal or vegetable. Recommended : Bananas are more beneficial for heart health and blood pressure

- The number of essential amino acids are nine, which are found in eggs and other animal products, than vegetables, he added.

- Because they include all the necessary essential amino acids, animal proteins are frequently referred to as complete proteins. In comparison to vegetable proteins, they are therefore more readily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy products all contain animal proteins.

- Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, frequently lack one or more of the necessary amino acids that the body requires, making them incomplete proteins. But, you can make a complete protein by combining various types of plant proteins, such as beans and rice or lentils and quinoa. Most Viewed : 4 parts of chicken not suitable to eat as food, it may give you cancer 

Animal proteins are better than Vegetable proteins - Food Specialist -

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