Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Saudi Arabia now offers a 3-months Temporary work visa

According to a Saudi labor portal, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set up a 3 month temporary work visa that is promptly provided without paperwork.

The visa allows businesses to issue temporary work visas that enable the holder of it to work for three months starting from the date of entry into the Kingdom, as per the Qiwa platform.

- This visa permits the holder to work for a set period of time without having to get a work permit or residency, and it can be extended for a similar amount of time. Trending : 6 advantages of Saudi stop-over transit visa

- However, the business owner or a commissioner on Qiwa business must submit for this visa application. Qiwa is an online platform that provides access to the various labor-related services offered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

- Except for operations that do not require commercial registration, the company must be operating and have a valid commercial registration in the Kingdom in order to provide the temporary work visa service.

- Also, the businesses that share a unified number must not have any expired work permits and must have enough credit on their national unified number of businesses to cover their obligations to Absher. Most Viewed : All GCC resident expatriates are now available for Saudi visa

- The temporary work visa can be obtained instantly through Qiwa without the need for any supporting documentation. The electronic 3-months temporary work visa has a one-year validity period.

- The Interior Ministry and an insufficient balance in the unified number of the firm on Absher are two justifications given for declining a request for a temporary visa.

- You can cancel the temporary work visa balance package and get your government payments reimbursed. According to the platform, the cancellation request must be made by the company owner or a commissioner. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

Saudi Arabia now offers a 3-months Temporary work visa -

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