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4 parts of Chicken that are not suitable for Food, it may give you Cancer

Chicken meat is a valuable food as it contains high amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates, in addition, it also has a number of vitamins that give the body with the energy it needs. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

Few of the benefits of eating Chicken :

As per the Healthline medical portal, the most important benefits of eating chicken include the following.

1. Chicken contains proteins.

2. Chicken meat helps provide the body with fats, carbohydrates and calcium.

3. One of the foods that contribute to supplying the body with phosphorus, iron and carotene. Read : 3 foods that should not be eaten with soft drinks

4. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and other nutrients.

5. Eating chicken meat boots the immune system.

6. It improves physical fitness.

7. Activate blood vessels and prevents blood clots. Recommend : Excessive use of soft drinks affects liver and bones

However, Few parts of Chicken are forbidden to be Eaten :

As per the Weixin medical site, not all parts of chicken are suitable for food as, they may cause cancer and the forbidden parts of chicken from eating are.

1. Chicken Neck : It contains lymph nodes that contain toxins and bacteria, and frequent consumption of chicken neck may increase the risk of cancer.

2. Chicken Intestines : In the chicken intestines, there are different types of bacteria and food residues, which cannot always be completely removed and excessive consumption of it leads to increase in blood lipids.

3. Chicken Feet : Overeating chicken feet may lead to weight gain. In addition, many hormones remain in chicken feet, which if ingested can harm health. Most Viewed : Amazing benefits of drinking water

4. Chicken Tail : It is the best avoided part of chicken, as it contains a huge amount of bacteria and toxins that negatively affect their entry into the human body.

4 parts of Chicken that are not suitable for Food, it may give you Cancer -

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