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Excessive consumption of Soft drinks affects the Liver and Bones - Nutrition Expert

The expert specializing in food and nutrition in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mushawah bin Abdullah Al-Mushauh explained that reassuring the regulatory authorities, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and the Ministry of Health that soft drinks are safe, it does not mean excessive consumption. Most Viewed : Benefits of drinking warm water with lemon

During his interview with Al-Majd TV, he said that moderation in the consumption of soft drinks does not harm the person, and consuming one or two bottles per week does not harm health if used correctly.

- Al-Mushawh continued and said, there are young people who drink large amounts of carbonated water, which may reach 3 to 4 cups a day, this is the problem, as we are now facing an increase in weight. See Also : 50% selective tax on sugary drinks in Saudi Arabia

- Soft drinks contain a high amount of sugars that lead to obesity and related diseases and sugar affects the teeth and health in general. The problem with soft drinks is that they contain generically modified fructose, which has negative effects on liver and leads to obesity, unfortunately many of us think that it is sucrose, he added.

- The phosphoric acid present in soft drinks affects the bones and structure of the body, Al-Mushawh highlighted that there are many alternatives to soft drinks, all of which are good if a person wants to take care of himself and his health, among these alternatives are juices that we make at home or dinks without colors.

- He recommended to reduce diet drinks, as it is regular sugar drinks and most of them are not good, stating that they may be a good alternative for those who have a problem with diabetes and do not dispense with it. Recommend : 100% selective tax on tobacco products and energy drinks in Saudi Arabia

- The expert warned against improper storage of diet drinks by placing them under high temperature and storing them for a long time. As aspartame sugar in this case produces toxic methane gas, in addition to that aspartame has health disadvantages.

- We find that there is a warning for the pregnant mother written on the can of diet drinks. People should read this warning that it contains a substance that affects the fetus brain. See Also : Banning the use of added sugar and flavorings in fresh juices and drinks in Saudi Arabia

Excessive consumption of Soft drinks affects the Liver and Bones - Nutrition Expert -

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