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Working in Private Taxis is against the Law - Saudi Transport General Authority

According to the Transport General Authority (TGA) in Saudi Arabia, operating a private taxi is against the law and its related regulations. The TGA claimed to have kept track of the growth of cabs with new identities and private number plates. Trending : First phase of Riyadh Bus network launched

The authority also stated that it was necessary to prevent the operation of vehicles with cancelled operating cards and to change the type of registration for vehicles in accordance with the law. The traffic law and its rules stated that the operating card is only cancelled at the request of the licensee and only after payment of any applicable fines. Read : Automatic monitoring of specialized and educational bus violations

- The TGA made it clear that the situations will result in the cancellation of the operating card issued for the authorized car, the death of the authorized person, or on the authorized person's request following payment of the financial fines and the financial consideration, or the cancellation of the approval issued by the competent authority in the airport management. In each of these circumstances, it is not permitted to operate the car with a cancelled card.

- The authority stated that the decision to change the mechanism for enforcing the regulation stipulated that businesses and people engaged in the taxi business must change the color of the vehicle, remove the identity and technical equipment when requesting to cancel the card, or cancel it in accordance with the regulation, and change the color of the vehicle before changing its registration type of transfer, public to private transfer and then the General Traffic Department transfers information in the vehicle's traffic license information. Most Viewed : External loudspeakers in Mosques are only for Call for the Prayer and Iqamat in Saudi Arabia

- It is noteworthy that Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, Minister of Transportation and Chairman of the Public Transport Authority's Board of Directors, introduced the new branding for airport taxis and public fares in early 2022. These taxis are identified by various shades of green, and the program initially began at airports before expanding to all taxis.

Working in Private Taxis is against the Law - Saudi Transport General Authority -

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