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King Salman International Airport will be one of the Largest Airports in the World

Saleh Al-Jasser, the minister of transportation and logistics, revealed that King Salman International Airport will be one of the biggest airports in the world and that there will be stages of expansion beginning with small steps. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube channel

Al-Jasser stated that the capital city of Riyadh is expanding its air transportation system in stages, the most recent of which was the announcement of the launch of the Riyadh Airlines.

- "Recently, terminals 3 and 4 at Riyadh Airport were inaugurated," the minister of transportation added, "and it will be followed by further phases in growth until the full opening of King Salman Airport in Riyadh".

- Al-Jasser continued, There are transitional stages because establishing the Riyadh Air Company will take some time, and also finishing the construction of Saudi Airlines in the operations center in Jeddah needs some time, so there is a transitional stage. Riyadh Air will be the center of its operations in Riyadh, and Saudi Airlines will focus its operations, in Jeddah. Recommend : Saudi Transit Visa

- The construction of one of the largest airports in the world by Saudi Arabia will significantly advance the country's goal of becoming a major international center for trade and tourism.

- Six parallel runways at the King Salman International Airport in Riyadh are estimated to add SR27 billion ($7.18 billion) yearly to Saudi Arabia's non-oil gross domestic product. See Also : Permitted gold limit at Saudi Airports

- The airport will contribute to an increase in Saudi Arabia's annual passenger traffic from the current 29 million travelers to 120 million by the year 2030 and 185 million by the year 2050, as well as an increase in aircraft traffic from 211,000 to more than 1 million flights annually.

- According to the Saudi News Agency, the new airport will be powered entirely by renewable energy and, with sustainability at its core, will earn LEED Platinum certification by incorporating cutting-edge green initiatives into its design.

- The project, which will be built by the Public Investment Fund, will comprise the King Khalid-named terminals, which can handle 3.5 million tons of cargo by the year 2050. The King Salman Airport would create 103,000 direct and indirect jobs. See Also : Riyadh Airport is using faceprints instead of boarding passes

- According to the SPA report, it will develop into an acropolis focused on innovation, world-class operations, and a seamless customer experience. To guarantee a distinctive travel experience for tourists and transit passengers, the airport's design will take into account Riyadh's personality and Saudi culture.

- The airport project, according to SPA, is in line with Saudi Arabia's aim to develop Riyadh into one of the top ten city economies in the world and to support the city's population expansion to 15-20 million people by the Year 2030. Most Viewed : All GCC expatriates are now eligible for Saudi tourist visa regardless of professions

King Salman International Airport will be one of the Largest Airports in the World -

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