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List of Public or National Holidays in Saudi Arabia for the Year 2023

The list of National or Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023, this year we can expect at least 10 holidays in the Kingdom and yes, in these 10 holidays, we have 2 Fridays also, means a loss of two days for us, I mean for private company workers. However for government employees, they can expect at least 20 to 25 holidays in this year.

Who do not like Holidays? especially in Saudi Arabia, where the Public Holidays are very least. As one can get here holidays only at the four occasions that are on Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Saudi National Day and the last one Saudi Foundation Day, which is added in the list of Holidays from last year only. See Also : Saudi Arabia doubles Iqama and re-entry visa fee for those who are outside Kingdom

What is a Holiday in Saudi Arabia?

Holiday in Saudi Arabia is, an extra time of leisure or a period of recreation, or it is the time to go out with friends or family, or to arrange get together. For few, it is the time to rest, to enjoy and to do their pending works, while others spend their days only in shopping during these days.

List of Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia for the Year 2023 :

22nd February (Wednesday) : Saudi Founding Day (1 Day)

21st to 24th April (Friday to Monday) : Eid Al-Fitr Holidays (4 Days)

27th to 30th June (Tuesday to Friday) : Eid Al-Adha Holidays (4 Days)

23rd September (Wednesday) : Saudi National Day (1 Day)

Surprise, Here is not the end..

* Government job holders can enjoy more holidays out of the mentioned above dates, which are, at least one week as Eid Al-Fitr holidays and another one week for Eid Al-Adha holidays, and one day holiday for each Saudi Foundation and National day.

* Every Friday and Saturday is the Weekend Holiday in Saudi Arabia for most of the companies, while for few Friday is the only Weekend holiday, as per their company policy.

* Every employee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including Saudi nationals and resident expatriates0 are entitled for 21 days Vacation holidays per year.

* Those who are performing Hajj pilgrimage this year for the first time, they can enjoy 10 days paid leave from the companies in the Kingdom.

* While some can have personal leaves also. Read it "Official leaves, holidays and vacations in Saudi Arabia".

List of Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia for the Year 2023 -

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