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Diriyah - A tourist attraction for 25 million visitors by the Year 2030

By the Year 2030, Diriyah is expected to attract more than 25 million people, both domestically and internationally, as per the plan of the concerned authorities. Thanks to Diriyah's architectural heritage, open museums, parks, and venues for handicrafts and traditional products. Join Saudi Expatriates Telegram channel

Today, the Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman announced Diriyah project as the 5th major project of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), to achieve the dream and transforming it into a huge tourism center of the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

Aim of 25 million visitors at Diriyah per year :

- The Diriyah Gate project, which was officially unveiled by Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in the year 2019, with the investment of 64 billion riyals, with the aim to restore the historical area of a cultural heritage projects and to return it to the ancient pas in the 18th century, to attract 25 million visitors annually from local and international destinations, making it the most important output and accomplishment of Saudi Vision 2030. Trending : Saudi Arabia ranks first in list of donor countries in the world

- Diriyah Gate project is one of the national projects that were born from the womb of ambitious goals and aspirations of the Vision and Diriyah to become one of the most important tourist and cultural destinations and places of human gathering in the world, as per the Ministry of Culture.

- The National Tourism strategy aims to attract about 100 million tourists from all over the world to Saudi Arabia by the Year 2030. Saudi Arabia's vision also aims for tourism to contribute over 10% of the Kingdom's GDP.

- Diriyah combines with other tourism projects to attract millions of tourists to Saudi Arabia, including the projects of Red Sea and Al-Ula and the development of Sindalah Island in the Red Sea including other major projects.

Markets and Cultural centers at Diriyah :

Diriyah Gate project seeks to set a number of different museums and international hotels of a historical style. This is for the visitor to live a unique experience through its antiquity of the ancient cities, as per the international standard, in addition to old-fashioned commercial markets, where open markets spread on the both sides of Wadi Hanifa, to express its ancient seasonal roles.

- The project also consists of the Yamama market, which trades in fresh, natural, organic products and got its name from the Yamama region, which was once famed for being green. for the richness of its water and the fertility of its land.

- Along with the creation of numerous educational facilities, prestigious cultural and heritage academies, and institutions for vocational education, programs and workshops will be held there to instruct tourists and visitors in a variety of historical and heritage professions that the nation is proud of. Read : World's first non-profit city in Saudi Arabia

- The historic Tarif Palace, the original residence of the Saudi state, and the Tarif area have both been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and are at the center of the Diriyah Gate project.

The authorities plan includes establishing 6 museums at Diriyah :

1. Al Saud House Museum, which includes a pavilion dedicated to King Salman and embraces the Saudi Arabia's legacy and the achievements of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

2. Museum of the Saudi State and Arabian Peninsula, which reviews the history of the region and the development of the Saudi Arabia. Recommend : Saudi Arabia declares 22nd February as "Saudi Foundation Day" and it as public holiday

3. The Museum of the 100 stories journey, which will allow visitors and residents to interact with the stories of Saudi Arabia's history and cultures across the various places and through real and digital experiences.

4. The Diriyah Art Center, is concerned with the contemporary arts and culture and is located within the Bujairi area and connects the past with the present and culture with nature.

5. The Digital Arts Museum stimulates an innovative experience, like real, it displays various information about the history of Diriyah, with the aim of attracting new generations to explore their national heritage. See Also : Winter at Tantora festival

6. The Misk Heritage Museum, this museum is an educational institution that aims to motivate the next generation to interact with everything related to the history and heritage of the Kingdom by promoting the latest research and excellence in presentation.

Diriyah - A tourist attraction for 25 million visitors by the Year 2030 -

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