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Decision of Saudization comes into force from Today in these activities all over the Kingdom

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia announced the start of implementing the decision of Saudization on postal and parcel transportation activities, in all regions of the Kingdom, starting from 17th December 2022 (23/05/1444 AH). Follow Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

This implementation comes after the grace period specified for the decision to localize these activities, and in continuation of the Ministry's efforts aimed at providing a stimulating and productive work environment for Saudi nationals, increasing their level of participation in the Saudi labor market, and to improve their contribution in the economic system, as per the Saudi Vision 2030.

- The decision of Saudization of postal activities and parcel transportation in its first phase include the localization of 14 postal activities by 100% with the exception to the professions of Cleaner and Freight and Unloading workers. Recommend : Qiwa is the approved platform for documenting work contracts in Saudi Arabia

- Parcel (local and international), Parcel transportation (local), courier activities, mail and parcel transportation activities in the bag, activities of receiving, delivering and transporting items and postal parcels, providing postal room management services.

- In addition to providing processing and storage services for items and postal parcels and redistributing them and providing services Postal logistics, the activities of private mail carriers, the activities of private mail services and transaction receipt, normal mail activities, express mail activities and other postal activities.

- The previous issued decision included the Saudization of Executive Heads by 100% and the first level positions of senior management by 60%, which will come into force by 1st April 2023 (10/09/1444 AH, while the second phase includes Saudization of the jobs of the second level of senior management by 70%, which will come into force as of 1st October 2023 (16/3/1444 AH). Read : No hiring of workers with criminal record and no deduction of recruitment fee from salary

- The MHRSD to provide a package of incentives and support related to supporting private sector companies to assist them in hiring Saudi citizens, including support of the recruitment process and the search of suitable workers, support for the necessary training and qualification process, help in the process of employment and job stability for citizens, in addition to the priority of benefitting from all localization support programs available in the system, and support and employment through HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund).

- This decision comes inline, with the cooperation of the MHRSD with the supervisory authorities in the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services and the Transport Authority, in order to regulate the Saudi labor market, develop it and raise its efficiency, to increase the participation of Saudi nationals in the private sector, provide more quality job opportunities and achieve stability career. See Also : A worker has right to complaint, if his salary differs from the contract

Decision of Saudization comes into force from Today in these activities all over the Kingdom -

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