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A study links Lack of Sleep and risk of Obesity, the percentage increases in Youth

A new study revealed the complex relationship between sleep and eating, stating that lack of sleep pushes a person to follow a bad diet, and this diet could worry a person during his sleep, this means an increase in weight and chronic diseases, as per the report of Sky News Arabia. Join Saudi Expatriates Whatsapp group

The study said that lack of sleep negatively affects not only food choices, but also their quantities. It also increases hunger levels, changes appetite hormones and pushes people to consume more calories, which leads them to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

- The report added that, people who do not sleep well at night are less able to convert fat into energy, which leads to accumulation. Lack of sleep also negatively affects the body's metabolism and use of insulin. Scientists have estimated that 7 out of 10 cardiovascular diseases can be prevented through good sleep. Read : Eating 1 meal per day is one of the cause of high blood pressure

- The study stated that people who do not sleep well are more likely to be obese to 72% compared to those who get enough hours of sleep, while the percentage rises among adolescents to 29%. The results showed that 9 out of 10 people do not get enough sleep hours that the body needs.

- The Public Health expert Jazleh Fadda lighten this stating that there is a relationship between lack of sleep and obesity, and there are several studies in this regard, some of which highlighted that 9 out of 10 people do not get enough sleep, and there are other studies that stated that 68% of adults do not get enough sleep. There are also studies that show the 80% of adults and 44% of adolescents wake up more than once at night.

- The expert explained that lack of sleep changes the nature of the food we eat, accordingly, we go to unhealthy choices, like ready-made and fast foods. Lack of sleep also causes disturbances in the hormones of hunger and sufficiency. The hunger hormones wins and this causes the person to eat more calories, which leads to obesity. Recommend : Two reasons behind your weight gain after the age of 40 years

- There was a study that also conducted on people who do not have enough hours of sleep, and it was found that the percentage of fat that covers the internal organs, or the so-called visceral fat, increases in the case of a lack of sleep, what contributes to obesity.

- The excess body fat makes a person more susceptible to heart disease, stress, diabetes, nervous system, stress and depression and affects memory and the immune system as well.

- The public health expert considered that sleep goes through stages, which we must conquer, to get quality sleep. The stages of sleep extend from light sleep to deep sleep, and there are stages in which dreams occur. Adults should sleep for 7 hours, and adolescents and children should sleep more than that. Waking up more than once and using the phone before bed is detrimental to the quality of sleep itself. Caffeine intake should be 6 hours before bed and exercise 5 hours before bedtime. So that our sleep is good and beneficial to health. Similar : Required ideal sleeping hours for human body of all age groups

A study links Lack of Sleep and risk of Obesity, the percentage increases in Youth -

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