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Saudi Arabia is producing 101,000 tons of Grapes annually in over 10 regions

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia announced that the Kingdom’s production of grapes amounts to over 101,569 tons annually, through its cultivation in a number of regions, in an area estimated at more than 3746 hectares, to achieve self-sufficiency at 59%. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram

The ministry highlighted that grapes are a promising economic fruit with high profitability, as it is marked by large production and the success of its cultivation in a wide range of different soil types, with a relatively low need for water.

- According to the ministry's report, there are many opportunities to develop grape cultivation in the Kingdom, with the need to stick to the application of integrated crop management programs, and the introduction of assets and varieties of quality and high production capacity, in addition to adopting modern technological packages. Recommend : 4 foods for strong bones

- Grapes can be grown in different types of soil, and under climatic conditions available in most regions of the Kingdom. The report states that the production season extends from June to September and its cultivation areas are concentrated in Qassim, Tabuk, Al-Jouf, Madina, Makkah, Al-Baha, Asir, Riyadh, Hail, Najran and Northern borders.

- The Ministry's report highlighted that grapes are characterized by a high nutritional value, as they contain levels of sugars that provide the human body with energy, potassium and many vitamins and have many health benefits. It protects against cancer, strengthens immunity, reduces high cholesterol, prevents heart disease, lowers blood pressure and helps in maintaining brain health.

Saudi Arabia grows on trees in producing a wide variety of grapes that cater all tastes :

- "It's Time" campaign in the Kingdom with the aim of introducing various types of local fruits and the times of their availability in different seasons through the year. This campaign comes as part of the ministry's continuous efforts to raise awareness of the importance of eating locally produced fruits during their production seasons, to get maximum nutritional benefit from its use. Read : 6 health problems affects fast food lovers

- With the "It's Time" campaign, the Ministry seeks to improve the production and use of the domestic product, raise its quality and safety standards, in addition to raising the efficiency of the system of marketing locally produced fruits in the production season, to support local farmers and increase their financial returns. See Also : All food items in Saudi Arabia are Halal

Saudi Arabia is producing 101,000 tons of Grapes annually in over 10 regions -

Saudi Arabia is producing 101,000 tons of Grapes annually in over 10 regions -

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