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Saudi Arabia is 6th in the World in Food Waste at a rate of 33.1%, with a value of 40 billion riyals annually

The General Organization for Grains in Saudi Arabia said that the value of the food waste in the Kingdom is more than 40 billion riyals annually, while the percentage of food loss and waste reached 33%. Join Saudi Expatriates on Whatsapp group

The Grain Corporation, represented by the National Program for the Reduction of Food Loss and Waste, launched an extensive awareness campaign under the title "Moment of Waste", based on its role in raising awareness of the importance of food diversification and highlighting its importance, promoting practices of consumption and motivating the adoption of solutions that contribute to reducing food waste.

- The foundation explained that the campaign witnessed a great interaction from members of society, as well as government agencies, private sector and associations, within the line of joint responsibility, which stems from a religious, societal and national perspective. Recommend : Nuts, meat, legumes help a good sleep

- The Grain Foundation confirmed that the campaign will continue until the end of October, while awareness programs will continue through official account of the National Program for Reducing Food Loss and Waste in the Kingdom throughout the year, to clarify the seriousness of food loss and waste in all aspects of life.

- Food Loss and waste is a global concern because of its terrible effects on the economic, health, social and environmental levels and leads to loss and waste of resources that are an integral part of the food production process and what this causes is a decrease in the economic return from agricultural and industrial work.

- The expert in reducing food waste, Zaid Al-Shabanat confirmed that Saudi Arabia is the 6th in world in food waste with a rate of 33.1%. Speaking to Al-Ekhbariya he expects an increase in food waste if the behavior continues as it is for members of society, noting that the awareness campaigns led by the General Grain Corporation will contribute to reducing food waste and loss. Read : Excessive consumption of soft drinks affects liver and bones

Saudi Arabia is 6th in the World in Food Waste at a rate of 33.1% -

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