Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Recruitment offices of Domestic Workers must not exceed the maximum cost ceiling

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has begun to force all companies that provide the mediation service in the recruitment of domestic workers not to exceed the maximum cost ceiling set by the ministry. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

The Ministry aims to regulate the procedures and governance of prices in the recruitment market, control and follow up their implementation in order to make sure the quality of services provided. Read : Resumption of recruitment of Filipino domestic workers for Saudi Arabia from 7th November 2022

- The ministry requires not to exceed the upper ceiling for each nationality, so that the maximum limit for the recruitment of domestic workers from

* Uganda reached 9,500 riyals

* 10,000 riyals for Thailand

* Kenya reached 10,870 riyals

* 13,000 riyals for Bangladesh and

* For Philippines 17,288 riyals

- This assures all dealers of the need to adhere to not exceeding the announced price ceiling to avoid the penalties specified when violating the regulations for the rules of recruitment and the provision of labor services, as it will continue to implement this through the Musaned platform. Recommend : Professions of GCC expatriates who are not eligible for Saudi Tourist e-visa

- This decision comes in line within the framework of the Ministry's attempt to develop services, improve the labor market environment and to improve its attractiveness, and keep it in line with the global labor markets, and its keenness to review costs, services provided and regulations as per the economic variables in proportion to them.

Recruitment offices of Domestic Workers must not exceed the maximum cost ceiling -

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