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Returning expats can replace their Driving License on new iqama - Saudi Moroor

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia said that expatriates who left Saudi Arabia on a final exit visa and entered into the Kingdom with new new visa can apply for replacing their old driving licenses. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Saudi Moroor has advised expats returning on a new iqama to check with its departments and apply for a driving license using the new iqama number.

- In case of the expat driving license expired after the departure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a final exit visa, he will have to pay the due fees and fines, undergo a medical test, check with traffic department and apply for a new license. Trending : 100 riyals fine for not renewing vehicle registration on time 

- Saudi Moroor said that a foreigner coming to Saudi Arabia on a visitor visa can drive using an international license or a valid foreign driving license for one year.

- Earlier this, the General Directorate of Traffic confirmed that the temporary driving permit is not a license, and it is not possible to travel by vehicle outside the Kingdom.

- The Traffic Department of Saudi Arabia explained that, presence of violations by the owner does not prevent the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, given that the form and periodic inspection are valid. Recommend : Passengers sitting in places not designated to them is a traffic violation

- The Saudi Moroor also clarified that to register any vehicle, it is must to register an actual user who has a driving license, in case the vehicle owner does not have it.

- The Saudi Traffic added that the instructions specifies that the payment of each traffic violation alone, with the need to pay all violations in order to be able to take any action through the Absher portal. See Also : Requirements and conditions for issuing driving license and authorization 

Returning expats can replace their Driving License on new iqama - Saudi Moroor -

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