Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, May 2, 2022

A fine of 100 riyals for not renewing Vehicle registration on time - Saudi Moroor

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia has clarified the penalty for not renewing vehicle registration on time, is a fine of 100 Riyals.

Saudi Moroor confirmed that any vehicle driver who failed to renew vehicle registration after the period of 60 days from its expiry, that vehicle is subject to a fine of 100 Saudi Riyals for each year in which he did not renew.

- Moroor said that the vehicle registration renewal fee is 100 SR, the fee may increase depending on the type of the vehicle, reaching to 400 SR for a bus. See Also : 9 places where parking vehicle is prohibited in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to be followed in case of losing Vehicle number plate :

- Earlier this, the Traffic department revealed the procedure to be followed in case of losing vehicle number plate in the Kingdom. In this event, the car owner must immediately report the loss of criminal records departments.

- After the loss of vehicle number plate reported, the required fees for getting a duplicate number plate must be paid, then the vehicle owner must visit any of the offices of Moroor to submit an application. Read : Driving in night without lights is a traffic violation

Traffic Violations of Non-Saudi vehicles :

- Saudi Moroor confirmed that the automatic monitoring system detects violations of non-Saudi vehicles registration plates.

Saudi citizens without vehicles are allowed to work in the Passenger Transportation sector :

The Traffic department in Saudi Arabia confirmed that Saudi nationals, who do not own a vehicle, are allowed to work in the passenger transportation sector through the guided-vehicle applications.

- This regulation is part of the new amendments made in the regulations governing the activities of public taxi, routing service and guided vehicle services. Join Saudi Expatriates imo channel (limited to imo app)

A fine of 100 riyals for not renewing Vehicle registration on time - Saudi Moroor -

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