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Cases in which Domestic Workers can transferred to another Employer without approval of first employer - Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has clarified the cases in which the domestic worker can transfer to another employer without obtaining the approval of the first employer. Download and install Saudi Expatriates app for Android phones

1. It is proven that the employer of the domestic worker was late in paying the salary of the domestic worker for a period of 3 continuous or separate salaries without a reason attributed to the domestic worker.

2. Failure to receive the domestic worker from the intermediary recruitment office, or without accommodation, within 15 days from the date of being notified by the recruitment office of domestic worker arrival in the Kingdom. Read : Is there any possibility of converting visit visa into domestic worker visa

3. Failure to get iqama (residence permit) for the domestic worker, or not renewing it even after 30 days specified from the date of issuance or renewal.

5. Evidence of that the domestic worker has been assigned to dangerous work that threatens his or her health or the safety of his body.

6. Proof of that the domestic worker or a family member of employer has mistreated. Similar : Abuse of a domestic worker is a crime and this is the penalty for it

7. The presence of a complaint by the domestic worker against the employer and the domestic employer has caused her to prolong her consideration, given that the domestic worker has not caused or contributed to the prolongation of the complaint as well.

8. The domestic employer has submitted an incorrect report of Huroob (Absent From Work) against the domestic worker.

9. Failure of the domestic employer or his representative to appear before the domestic service workers, dispute settlement committees for 2 hearings of which he is notified.

10. If it is proven that the services of the domestic worker have been transferred to another employer without his knowledge. Read : 4 conditions in which employer can issue final exit to domestic workers during probation period

11. If the domestic employer is absent, either due to his travel, imprisonment, or any other reason, and this results in the inability to pay the domestic worker's salaries.

Cases in which Domestic Workers can transferred to another Employer without approval of first employer -

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