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As the Hajj Season begins, More changes and Challenges in store

The expert Dr. Fayez Saleh Jamal in the implementation of strategies said, It is known that Hajj season is critical in nature, if it is not prepared for it with complicated operating plans, alternative plans and possibility plans. Follow Saudi Expatriates

He added that, No one who has experience and collect field anchors build on them, over many years, it may lead to major failures that are sometimes difficult to realize, and gaining experience in the field of hajj works is very slow, as hajj days (from 8th to 13th Dhu Al-Hijjah) occur only once a year, and missed opportunities for development or to address a defect are not implemented until the following year. Trending : Ministry of Human Resources to provide an opportunity to work at holy sites through Ajeer

Most Important challenges in the Hajj Season :

One of the most important challenges of the upcoming Hajj season is the loss of a large knowledge and experience people in many sites who provide services to pilgrims.

- He highlighted that, this is because of interruption of 2 consecutive Hajj seasons due to Corona, during which thousands of expertise in the field of Hajj work were laid off, while some of them retired or moved to other fields to work or prevented some of them from participating due to new regulations, including visible lack of field work experience in board of directors of the raft companies because of the election mechanism.

- Jamal added that, I think there is a similar shortage to some extent in the fieldwork leaders in the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Most Viewed : 10 years ban and deportation of illegal Hajj pilgrims

Changes in the style of the raft Hajj companies :

Among the challenges are also making major changes in the way the raft companies manage their business, including the shift to centralization and the withdrawal of most of the services to be contracted by the parent company and the transformation of field service offices into supervisory centers, which is considered one of major operational risks.

Strength of the tasks and the newness of the Kadana era :

Among the challenges is also the intensity of tasks contained in the quantitative and qualitative classification of services and the addition of services to all pilgrims, especially in nutrition in the holy sites, which requires major logistical services and intensive labor that may be not be available to serve one million pilgrims at once.

- The recent era of the Kadana company in the works of the holy sites and the possibility of losing a part or large amount of knowledge and experience in managing the operation and maintenance of the camps in Mina, with the addition of Arafat's responsibilities among its responsibilities and to serve one million pilgrims this year. Read : A simple guide on Hajj pilgrimage 

- The expert also said that the Kadana company was prevented from entering the diesel generators of the Arafat area and thus there was no alternative plan to confront the power outage in some locations, especially since this season will receive one million pilgrims and will coincide with the peak of the summer.

Concerns and Questions :

- Dr. Fayez Saleh Jamal who has PhD in the implementation of the strategy, raised these important questions regarding the Hajj season, submitted them to the concerned authorities including Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and its Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, the Kadana development company and the coordinating body for the institutions of Arbab Al Taifa.

- He shared this questions and concerns with the concerned authorities, in the hope that they may be useful or that may help in filling some gaps wherever they are found, especially in the view of Hajj Season 1443 is surrounded by some additional challenges that requires understanding and his early thoughtful preparation to avoid major failures, like the one that occurred at Jeddah Airport after the end of the last blessed Ramadan Umrah season and in more than one place. See Also : Few interesting facts about Hajj pilgrimage

As Hajj begins, More changes and Challenges in store -

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