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A list of Fines on 35 violations related to Public Taxi and private Cars

The Public Transport Authority in Saudi Arabia has listed 35 violations related to public taxi and private vehicles on its national platform for violations.

The fines for violations is in between 500 riyals to 5,000 riyals, and these includes

* 1,000 riyals fine for operating private taxi and roaming along roads and streets in search of passengers and

* 500 riyals fine for smoking while driving or traveling in vehicles. Read : Fine for stealing the property of aircraft or the people on board

* 5,000 riyals fine for an unauthorized person drives the vehicle.

* 3,000 riyals fine for failure to operate the fare meter at the start of the trip.

The Public Transport Authority also specifies a maximum fine of 5,000 riyals for the following violations :

* Operating a foreign taxi for transporting passengers for a fee within or between the cities of Kingdom or to a country other than the country of its registration.

* Modifying the vehicle after it has been technically equipped by one of the accredited technical equipment service centers.

* Using a vehicle for a period exceeding its approved lifespan. Recommend : Fine for trading food harmful for health

* Failure in fixing the electronic systems specified by Public Transport Authority or any other concerned authorities.

* Failure to equip the vehicle with all technical equipment approved by qualified technical equipment providers.

3,000 riyals fine for the following violations :

* Failure to operate the fare calculation meter at the start of trip.

* Failure to contact within a period of 10 working days from the date of summons served by Public Transport Authority.

* Practicing public taxi activity with an expired work permit or operating card. See Also : Saudi Arabia warns employers allowing their workers to work for others

2,000 riyals fine for the following violations :

* Not subjecting the vehicle to technical inspection in case of order from Public Transport Authority.

* Not keeping the list items and handling them over to their owners or the security center.

1,000 riyals fine for violating below rules :

* Refraining from providing or continuing to provide the transportation service during working hours or after the start of the trip.

* Delay in renewal of operating card.

* Picking passengers from sidewalks that are not designated for pedestrians on roads.

* Failure to present the license documents when requested. Trending : Defaming others on social media is a crime and this is the penalty for it

* Non-compliance with the orders to place the necessary phrases, plates, sign boards inside the car as per the regulations.

* Failure to provide or update the data of the means of communication and the national address.

* Not to modify the type of vehicle registration after canceling the operating card or the expiry of its lifespan.

500 riyals fine for the following violations :

* Smoking or allowing passengers to smoke inside the vehicle.

* Allowing more than one requests in a single trip within the city where there is permit to operate the service.

* Violation of passenger's privacy under any circumstances.

* Carrying bags and non-hand luggage in the car cabin or in excess of the space designated for that or loading bags without passengers.

* Non-compliance with public morals and good treatment of passengers

* Carelessness in appearance and personal hygiene. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

* Fail to maintain cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the car throughout the period of its operation.

* Failure of the driver to assist passengers with disabilities when getting in or out of the vehicle.

500 riyals fine for smoking in Car, 1,000 riyals fine for operating illegal private Taxi -

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