Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, June 14, 2022

4 Million visitors have enjoyed Jeddah Season 2022 so far since its launch in May

Jeddah Season 2022 has attracted over 4 million visitors of different ages and nationalities so far since its launch in May, in an atmosphere of Joy and Entertainment and increasing popularity, who interacted with live shows and international experiences that meet all desires. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

This registration of this record of visitors confirms historical, cultural and entertainment features of the Jeddah city, and a permanent tourist destination in the region.

- Jeddah Season 2022 contributed in strengthening and consolidating the position, through the various events that reaches 2,800 activities, experiments, exhibitions and play including international concerts offered to the public from inside and outside the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Free entry into the public park of Jeddah Jungle from Sunday to Wednesday

- Jeddah Season witnessed a multiplicity of its offers, a variety of options and the priority of its numbers, as the season included the largest mobile seaside game city in the region in "Jeddah pier" and first anime village of its king in the world in "City walk".

- This season also witnessed the largest gathering of rare animals and birds, safari experience in the Jeddah Jungle and a number of luxury international restaurants and cafes in the 'Jeddah Yacht Club'.

- The diversity of the season's events is also reflected in cultural performances in Jeddah Historical, world-class exhibitions at "Histroical Jeddah", distinguished international exhibitions in "Jeddah Superdome", cultural gatherings and multiple events at Prince Majid Park, restaurants, performances and shops in Jeddah Art Promenade, including a range of events and marine sports, plays, concerts and a number of exciting experiences and events that blend entertainment, education, tourism and history.

4 Million visitors have enjoyed Jeddah Season 2022 so far since its launch in May -

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