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Implementation of Saudization of various Health and Medical appliances professions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announces the implementation of the decisions on Saudization of health specialization professions by 60%, engineering and technical professions for medical devices by 30%.

The decision also includes Saudization on medical appliances and supplies professions by 40% throughout the Kingdom, took effect from Monday, 11th April 2022 (10th Ramadan 1443). The implementation of this decision took place after the end of the grace period specified for them.

- The aim of the decision is to provide more stimulating and productive jobs for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, raising the level of their participation in the Saudi labor market, with the aim of creating more job opportunities for the national cadres and enhancing their contribution in the economy system. See Also : Saudization on these professions already implemented in the Kingdom

- The directive on Saudization of the professions of health specialties includes jobs of medical laboratories, radiology, physiotherapy and therapeutic nutrition in all medical facilities operating in the Kingdom, with setting the minimum salary to calculate the Saudization rates at 7,000 riyals for specialists and 5,000 riyals for technicians.

- Saudization will be 60% of the total number of workers in the targeted health specialties, this sis about to provide more than 5,600 jobs for Saudi male and female citizens.

- The order to localize these professions in the medical devices sector includes the localization of sales and advertising professions and the introduction of medical devices and supplies in 2 phases, first by 40% from 11th April 2022 and then 80% in second phase from 1st April 2023. Read : 30 professions set for Saudization in the year 2022

- While, the Saudization of engineering and technical professions for the medical appliances is also in two phases, first by 30% from 11th April 2022 and second phase by 50% from 1st April 2023.

- This decision to provide more than 3,000 jobs for Saudi men and women citizens, and the minimum salary for it is 7,000 riyals for the holders of bachelor's degree and 5,000 riyals for a technician.

- The localization of professions include, electronic engineer for medical appliances, electronic for maintenance of medical devices, specialists and technicians of medical devices, general seller of scientific devices, seller of laboratory and medical appliances. Most Viewed : Procedure to check Umrah insurance validity online

- The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will also provide a package of incentives and support related to supporting private sector companies in employing Saudi nationals, which includes salary support by up to 50%, job seekers training, transportation allowance to and from work place, moving allowance from one city to other and care allowance of children to increase the participation of mothers and instead of teleworking to encourage new work patterns.

- The Ministry also implemented the decision to calculate Saudization rates in the private sector with the minimum salary of 7,000 riyals for Saudi dentists and pharmacists effective from Monday. This is after approval of the amendment and updating the 2 nationalization guides for the dentistry and pharmacy professions. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

Implementation of Saudization of various Health and Medical appliances professions -

Implementation of Saudization of various Health and Medical appliances professions -

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