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30 professions set for Saudization in the year 2022 - Ministry of Human Resources

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi announced that the ministry aims Saudization of 30 job professions in the year 2022, including project managers and finance professions. See Also : Reducing working days or hours in Saudi Arabia is a baseless news - MHRS

Saudi Arabia created more than 400,000 jobs in 2021 for young Saudi citizens :

During the press conference on Wednesday, Al-Rajhi revealed that the ministry launched 32 Saudization decisions in the year 2021 and 400,000 jobs were created in the same year.

- He added that, We tried to focus on qualitative localization not only quantitative localization, including profession like accountants, lawyers, teachers, marketers, medical doctors, dentists and engineers. Trending : Permanent removal of an expat from job after posting offensive tweets 

- Al-Rajhi continued stating, we started with the aim to provide 200,000 jobs during last year, but in a good news we created double number of jobs to 400,000 for men and women. The minister said that 10 billion riyals was spent to support the employment of Saudis in private sector during the year 2021.

- The number of Saudi nationals in the labor market has reached more than 1,900,000 young men and women, which is a historical figure. The mega projects in Kingdom to provide 1,800,000 additional jobs.

- One of the the main objective of the labor market strategy is to raise the rate of Saudi nationals in economic participation, which was 40% and now stands at 50%, the goal is to reach to 60% by the year 2030. Most Viewed : Saudi Foundation Day is a holiday for both private and public sector workers

Women's participation in Saudi Labor Market :

- At the beginning of Saudi Vision 2030, the percentage of women's participation in labor market was around 21% and Today it surpassed 32% and the vision goal has been achieved before the target date of 2030. Join Saudi Expatriates imo channel

30 professions set for Saudization in 2022 - Ministry of Human Resources -

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