Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, March 6, 2022

Saudi Arabia allows non-vaccinated residents to enter into the Kingdom

The spokesperson of Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub announced that, the ministry will allow non-vaccinated resident expatriates to enter the Kingdom, regardless of their vaccination status. Join Saudi Expatriates imo channel

He said, It is must to have insurance for those who are coming to Saudi Arabia on all kinds of visit visas in order to cover the costs of treatment in case a person gets infected with Covid-19. These includes visit visa for Umrah and Tourism. While the visitor's are with in the Kingdom, when extending the visa, or upon exit and multiple-entry.

- Al-Shalhoub pointed out that, there is no need to submit a negative PCR test certificate for those coming or entering into the Kingdom. Unless it is a requirement from the country to which the person will be traveling to from Saudi Arabia. Trending : Saudi Arabia suspends all corona related restrictions in Kingdom

- However, booster dose is a condition to travel outside of the Kingdom for Saudi citizens who have spent 3 months from the last date of taking the 2nd dose, with the exception of those who are below 16 years of age and the excluded group who have medical issues.

- He added that, the institutional quarantine and home quarantine has been canceled for those people who are coming to the Kingdom. Immune status on Tawakkalna application is still a condition for entering into companies or shops or any establishments.

- The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the ministry's decision to end all corona restrictions in the country including social distancing and wearing masks in open places. Most Viewed : Cancellation of permit for performing prayers in Grand Mosque and to visit Prophet

Saudi Arabia allows non-vaccinated residents to enter into the Kingdom -

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