Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, March 21, 2022

Lifting 3 Corona restrictions for Travelers coming to Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia confirmed the lifting of three corona restrictions for travelers coming to the Kingdom from foreign countries. Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

The suspension of corona restrictions for the people coming from outside the Kingdom includes,

* Allowing travelers to enter into Saudi Arabia without submitting a corona vaccination certificate. Non-vaccinated visitors can enter into the Kingdom with all type of visas.

* Cancellation of taking PCR test while entering into Saudi Arabia or upon arrival into the Kingdom.

* Travelers need not to quarantine after arriving into the Kingdom. See Also : World Happiness Index ranking of countries for the year 2022

- The reasons for lifting these restrictions includes, a fall in the rate of positive cases of Covid-19 to less than 4% and a vaccination rate of 99% of the Kingdom population for all targeted groups of 12 years to above.

- Earlier this Month, Saudi Arabia cancel most of the corona restrictions including suspension of social distancing measures in all closed an open places, cancellation of wearing a mask in public or open places, while it is applicable to wear mask indoors or closed places. Read more : Saudi Arabia scraps several corona restrictions

- The decision also includes, Cancellation of institutional or home quarantine upon arrival, lifted suspension of direct entries to Saudi Arabia for certain countries. Mandating health insurance to cover Corona infection expenses for all types of visit visa holders.

Lifting 3 Corona restrictions for Travelers coming to Saudi Arabia -

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