Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, March 11, 2022

Aramco announces new Fuel prices for March 2022, effective from Today

Saudi Aramco announced new prices of gasoline for the month of March, which will be in application starting from Today's (11th March) morning until 10th April 2022, The company to announce reviewed prices every month on 10th day. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

The new Fuel prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from 11th March 2022 are as follows

Gasoline 91 : 2.18 SR per liter

Gasoline 95 : 2.33 SR per liter

Diesel : 0.52 SR per liter

Kerosene : 0.70 SR per liter

- Last year, The Executive Committee for the Governance of the Price Adjustment of Energy and Water Products said that the prices of gasoline 91 (2.18 riyals octane) and gasoline 95 (2.33 riyals octane) as ceiling for the domestic price of gasoline in the Kingdom.

- The generous order make sure that Saudi Arabia bears the exceeded prices upon the monthly periodic review, based on the keenness of the wise leadership to reduce the living burdens of Saudi citizens and resident expatriates, and the Saudi government’s continuous attempt to achieve the public interest and support local economic activity.

- Saudi Aramco provides fuels to meet the daily renewable needs of engines, Gasoline fuels are available in 91 and 95 grades. This comes to meet the needs of cars that run on gasoline, and diesel fuel is available for trucks and other vehicles. See Also : Procedure to sell car while the owner left Saudi Arabia

Aramco announces new Fuel prices for March 2022, effective from Friday -

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