Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Absher explains the Correct way to enter into Absher account, if mobile number is closed

The Absher platform in Saudi Arabia has clarified the correct way to login and to enter through the Absher platform in case of the user's mobile number is closed.

This came after a question was received on the official Twitter account of "Absher", asking, "My mobile number is closed, and I want to access Absher and take out a sim, What is the solution?"

- In response to this query, “Absher” replied, “Please visit one of the self-service machines of the Absher platform to update the mobile number, and be careful not to repeat the number of another Absher account in order to avoid cancellation. See Also : Procedure to extend visit visa of Wife through Absher

Changing Mobile number in Absher is possible in two cases :

1. In case of old mobile number is available to you and you can access your Absher, and you want to change to new number. It is possible by following below steps.

* Log in to your Absher account

* Choose User information

* Enter the required information and the new mobile number

* Click Save

* Enter the verification code sent to the new number. Recommend : GACA issues travel procedures for airlines effective from Tomorrow

2. In cases of old mobile number is not available due to its cancellation or missing, in this case the user need to follow below steps.

* Visit the Self service Absher machine

* Choose update mobile number and complete the steps

* Login to your account on Absher through verification code on the new number.

- In case of not possible to visit the Absher self service machines, the user can visit any of the offices and activation staff in Jawazat or the agency of Ministry of Interior for Civil Affairs. Read : Human Resources clarifies on the possibility of transferring private driver to a company

How long does it take to update a mobile number in Absher :

The Absher platform has specified the period required to review the concerned employee in the case that mobile has not been updated.

- Absher stated that, if more than 24 hours have passed and the approval message to update the mobile number has not received, please review it with Jawazat staff to approve the request. Join Saudi Expatriates Telegram channel

Absher explains the Correct way to enter Absher, if mobile number is closed -

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