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A Fruit that helps you lose your Weight within Weeks

Kiwi fruit contributes greatly in improving metabolism and digestion, and hence it contributes to quick weight loss, especially during exercise, according to a recent British study.

Kiwi helps in burning 30% of fat during exercise, because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, as per the British newspaper 'Daily Express'.

- Kiwi is also known for more vitamin C than other type of fruits, and can provide 40% of the body's daily needs. Trending : Benefits of drinking warm water with lemon

- A study published in the journal Nutrients, also explained that eating Kiwi for 12 continuous weeks, as part of a balanced diet, helps in reducing waist circumference.

- During the study, the researchers asked the participants to eat 2 servings of Kiwi daily for 12 weeks, and by comparing the data before and after the start of the experiments, the researchers found a remarkable increase in the levels of vitamin C in the blood plasma, which helps in weight loss.

- Some researches also showed that eating higher levels of vitamin C can help burn 30% more fat during exercise, compared to those with lower levels of vitamin C. Recommend : Know the magical benefits of eating water melon

- The study said, “There was a remarkable decrease in diastolic and systolic blood pressure and a significant decrease in waist circumference and waist-hip ratio,” explaining that taking nutritional supplements based on kiwi fruit enhances the vitamin C status in plasma, as there is a correlation between the level of vitamin C and a reduction in insulin resistance and improve glucose control.

- The amass fat in the body represents a great danger to the essential internal organs, and causes the disruption of their functions. That is why doctors always recommend following up on the quality of the food eaten throughout the day, and making sure to eat foods that help burn such as fruits and vegetables.

- Internal fat is often associated with an increased risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. When fat particles settle in the abdominal cavity, they release dangerous chemicals that increase the risk of heart attacks. Download and Install Saudi Expatriates app

A Fruit that helps you lose your Weight within Weeks -

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