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Kuwait decides to make Booster dose of Corona vaccine mandatory, Announces new Travel conditions

The Council of Ministers in Kuwait decided that the third (booster) dose of the coronavirus vaccine is mandatory, highlighting that everyone who has been 9 months since receiving the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine is not immunized.

The decision of receiving the third dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine will start work as of January 2nd, 2022. If a person have passed 9 months since the vaccination, the person is considered not fully immunized and therefore cannot travel. Trending : Saudi health ministry reveals the vaccination of new age group in the coming days

- The Council of Ministers examined the recommendations received from the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies, and decided the following:

First :

1. In view of the noticeable increase in the number of infections in many countries in the world, the Council of Ministers called on all Kuwait citizens and resident expats to limit travel to cases of necessity only and to continue cooperation and adherence to health requirements, precautionary measures so that we can all pass this stage with the best results. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

2. Assigning field committees and teams to point out the application of health requirements to limit the further spread of the Corona virus and maintain the stability of the health situation in the country.

Second : Regarding the procedures to be followed for those coming to Kuwait :

1. Conducting a PCR test 48 hours before arrival, stating that they are free from infection with the Corona virus.

2. Home quarantine is applied for a period of 10 days after arriving in the country, with the possibility of ending the quarantine before that in case of a PCR test is performed after at least 72 hours from the time of arrival, confirming that the individual is virus free. Recommend : Oman reduces the time period for taking booster dose

3. The decision is effective from 26th December 2021 (Sunday).

Third : Regarding the controls and conditions of the vaccinated recipients of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine:

1. The Council was informed of the decision of the Minister of Health regarding everyone who has been 9 months since receiving the second dose approved by the State of Kuwait of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine as incomplete unless he receives the booster dose of the approved vaccines.

2. Assigning the concerned authorities to implement what was stated in the decision of the Minister of Health, and every provision that contradicts the provisions of this decision shall be repealed.

3. The decision is effective from 2nd January 2022. See Also : All you need to know about Tawasul service in Absher

Kuwait to make Booster dose of Corona vaccine is must, Announces new Travel conditions -

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