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Public Transport Authority sets the conditions for companies to get a license for Car rental activity

The Public Transport Authority in Saudi Arabia clarified the conditions and requirements for private companies to get a license in order to practice a car rental activity.

The portal of the Public Transport Authority has identified the necessary and basic controls and requirements that must be met by companies in order to applying for a car rental activity license. These requirements are as follows:

- The presence of an application submitted by the company, according to the authority’s approved channels. Trending : Saudi Arabia arrested 14,932 illegal expats within one week

- The commercial register of the facility is limited to the activity, and it is permissible to combine more than one transport activity or a supporting activity in the same register.

- Social insurance certificate.

- Certificate of Zakat and Income.

- Providing an appropriate center in accordance with the traffic requirements and the approved municipal and technical requirements.

- Providing the minimum number of cars needed to practice the activity according to the license category.

- The car must be new and not previously registered in the Kingdom, when it was entered into the service in the activity. Recommend : Procedure and steps for cancellation of expat deportation from Saudi Arabia

- Linking to any electronic systems determined by the Public Transport Authority.

- Fees payment, if any

Standard Car Rental contract :

- Earlier Last week, the Public Transport Authority announced that, starting from 1st December, the third phase of the mandatory application of the decision to limit the issuance of all car rental contracts through the (Tajeer) service on the Naql electronic portal?

- The Public Transport Authority confirmed that all car rental facilities within category B in various parts of the Kingdom will also be obligated to adopt the unified electronic contract. Read : Saudi Crown Prince announces World's first non-profit city

- The authority explained that the unified electronic contract has important advantages, including, it is a documented contract that completes the requirements and statutory clauses, and will contribute to preserving the rights between the parties to the relationship and will reduce disputes, in addition to it will reduce the burden on the relevant authorities.

- The Public Transport Authority confirmed that the car rental sector includes 630 car rental offices classified under Category B that will be obligated to implement the unified electronic contract. The authority called on the licensed establishments to take advantage of the renting service available through the Naql electronic website.

- Earlier, the Public Transport Authority issued a warning against dealing with unlicensed facilities or individuals in transport activities. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Public Transport Authority sets the conditions for companies to get a license for Car rental activity

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