Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tawakkalna reveals the position of registering as New User in its Application from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The “Tawakkalna” platform in Saudi Arabia revealed the position of registering as a new user in the Tawakkalna application from outside the Kingdom, after one of the beneficiaries inquired.

An expat asked, “I have a relative in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and he has a sim card with good network, but it does not receive messages. How can the application be registered on Tawakkalna?”

- The official account to take care of the beneficiaries of the Tawakkalna application through its Twitter said, "It is not possible to register as a new user with the Tawakkalna app from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, only can be used if its already registered while in the Kingdom and you can know the countries to which Tawakkalna app is available on 'Tawakkalna app works in 75 countries' ". 

- The Tawakkalna platform further said, "Registering as visitor requires the to be inside the Kingdom, by providing their passport number, date of birth, nationality, mobile number and password".

- Earlier this, Tawakkalna application revealed the mechanism for beneficiaries to review their official personal documents through the digital wallet.

- The mechanism for reviewing personal documents in the digital wallet in Tawakkalna includes entering the application, registration and filling in the icons that appear on the screen, with the beneficiary number, date of birth, expiry date and place of birth, and choosing the icon related to the document that the beneficiary wants to view, like vehicle documents. See Also : Steps to cancel Umrah permit and conditions for its issuance

Tawakkalna reveals the position of registering as New User from outside the Kingdom -

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