Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, November 5, 2021

Saudi Arabia allows Expat's Iqama renewals quarterly with new services in Absher

Expats in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to renew their iqama quarterly basis and can save and use a digital copy of iqama on on their mobile phones. These new service is now available on Absher Individuals platform among other new services from Jawazat and Traffic department.

The Absher Individuals services also included expats consent service to approve transfer his services to a new employer and the registration of dependents and companions of expats on Absher platform on the basis of their border number of iqama number.

- The registration service is now also available for visitors and citizens of the GCC countries. Expats can have their digital iqama card, which allows them to save on their smartphones. Trending : Ministry of Interior sends a message for fully vaccinated people

- Last week, Saudi banks started updating Government payment services for the issuance and renewal of iqamas, which are linked to work permit, for 3 months or 6 months or 9 months or annually.

- As per the recently updated Government payments services, iqama fees can be paid on a quarterly, half yearly basis. this will ease in completing the procedures of issuance and renewal of iqama for the required period through online platforms of Absher Business, Muqeem, Qiwa under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

- According to the recent amendments in the Government payment system, banks will accept the payment of the fee for work permit by the employer for a minimum of 3 months or in multiples up to a whole year. The issuance and renewal of iqama are linked to the work permit. Recommend  : 12 new e-services launched in Absher, 4 new e-services in Maidan

- Employers shall make payment of the expat fee for the renewal of work permit, which is 800 SR per month or 9,600 SR in a year. Expats who have dependents should have to pay 400 riyals per month for each dependent.

- The new services included digital driving license, the unified registration service for driving schools, vehicle repair permit service, electronic traffic warranty service, including firearms license registration service.

- While in Maidan platform, which is dedicated to security men deployed to field duty, the new electronic services includes recording traffic accidents from the field, verifying the owner of camels by reading the slides, verifying permits for Hajj, Umrah and prayer at the Two Holy Mosques and checking the health status of people. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo (Limited to Mobile)

Saudi Arabia allows Expat's Iqama renewals quarterly with new services in Absher -

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