Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, November 27, 2021

Omicron - A new variant of Corona virus, Pharmaceutical companies to modify vaccines

Omicron, a new variant of Corona virus (Covid-19) is discovered in southern Africa earlier this November, It has more mutations than we known as of now. However, scientists believe more studies are needed before we conclude about the new strain and its behavior. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

World Health Organization (WHO) considered omicron variant as a 'strain of concern', is indeed leading to more hospitalizations and fatalities, it reached Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel, after it was discovered in South Africa.

- The new variant of corona virus, 'omicron' has an already stressed world more worried, it has more than 30 mutations, more than any other variants and twice as many as delta. It was first discovered in Botswana in southern Africa, is believed to be spreading faster than delta variant. Trending : Saudi Arabia suspends From and To flights to 7 countries, after a new strain discovered in Southern Africa

- According to preliminary studies on 'Omicron', it makes vaccines 40% less effective, due to its 32 mutations in the spike protein. The health experts in UK said two of these mutations, help the virus replicate faster, while three of its mutations, help it to sneak into the body's cells more easily.

- The experts also revealed that omicron is missing a membrane protein (NSP6), seen in earlier iterations of the virus, which could make it more infectious. However, scientists believe that more studies are needed before conclude any results about this variant and its behavior.

- Several Pharmaceutical companies are working to modify vaccines to counter the new mutated strain 'omicron' of the Corona virus, which has sparked travel bans in many countries of the world. See Also : Bahrain reactivated its list of red countries after a new variant news

Omicron - new variant of Corona virus, Pharmaceutical companies to modify vaccines -

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