Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, September 14, 2021

3 reasons for Stunning decline in Corona infections in Saudi Arabia and an Important warning

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, praised the stunning decrease in Corona infections in the Kingdom, and warned that we are not yet out of the pandemic.

Al-Asiri said that stunning decline of Corona pandemic in Saudi Arabia is due to the lack of rush to open high-risk activators, and the use of the 3 most effective vaccines.

- He also stated that the decline in infections of “the spread of Delta coincided with the speeding of coverage with the second dose of vaccine, which prevented a new wave.” Trending : GACA updates entry procedures for expats and visitors of Saudi Arabia

- Al-Asiri added that the Ministry of Health is taking 40,000 samples per day and he warned that we are not out yet, but we are around the corner.

- Today (On 14th September), The Ministry of Health recorded 96 corona infections, 46 recoveries and 5 deaths due to the complications of the virus, raising the total infections in the Kingdom to 546,163 of which 535,190 recovered with 8,633 deaths.

- Active cases of Corona virus in Saudi Arabia slightly raised to 2,340 of which 459 are critical and receiving treatment in intensive cares. Riyadh tops with 176, Jeddah with 125 while Madina is with 118 active corona cases. Read : Decision to lift suspension of travel ban includes Saudi citizens and residents

- The government of Saudi Arabia has provided more than 39.96 million (39,964,369) doses of Corona vaccines for free to Saudi nationals, resident expatriates and visitors all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers.

- The Ministry's official statistics shows it has given more than 17 million (17,093,430) people two doses of vaccine and more than 22.87 million people received first dose, while elderly people received 1,626,972 doses of vaccine against corona virus. Like Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

3 reasons for Stunning decline in Corona infections in Saudi Arabia and an Important warning -

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