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Saudi Traffic department reveals Fines for Speeding Violations on the roads of Kingdom

The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia clarified the  fines prescribed by Traffic law for speeding violations, as per the speeds set on the Kingdom's road. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo

The Traffic Department said that the law stipulates that the fine for a speeding a vehicle violation for motorists starts from 150 riyals and reaches to 2,000 riyals, according to the speed limit on the road and the amount of speed increase.

- Fines for speeding violations on highways of 120 km/hr or less in the below following categories. Trending : GACA issues circular to all airlines regarding lifting of travel restriction for vaccinated expats from Kingdom

* A minimum fine of 150 riyals, A maximum of 300 riyals for exceeding from 10 km per hour to 20 km per hour.

* A minimum of 300 riyals and a maximum of 500 riyals, fine for exceeding from 20 km/h to 30 km/h.

* A minimum of 800 riyals and a maximum of 1,000 riyals, fine for overtaking from 30 km/h to 40 km/h.

* A minimum of 1200 riyals and a maximum of 1500 riyals, fine for overtaking from 40 km/h to 50 km/h.

* A minimum of 1500 riyals and a maximum of 2000 riyals, fine for exceeding a maximum of 50 km/h. Recommend : Immune residents are exempted from home or institutional quarantine

- The Saudi Traffic Law stipulates that violations are recorded at a minimum, and may be recorded at their highest in case of aggravating circumstances by a decision of a committee or committees formed by the Minister of Interior, and the regulations specify aggravating circumstances and the committee’s work procedures.

- The Traffic Department added that Article 77 also stipulated that without harming to the penalties imposed on the driver, if the owner of the vehicle or the person responsible for driving it, or its possessor, allows another person who does not have a driving license to drive the vehicle, he shall be punished with a fine of no less than 1,000 riyals, And not more than 2000 riyals.

- The Traffic law continued that, if the previous case resulted in a traffic accident, it shall be jointly responsible with the driver in the article, according to the caution of the competent court. See Also : Saudi Arabia allows direct entry of vaccinated expats in Kingdom from restricted countries

Saudi Moroor sets Fines for Speeding Violations on the roads of Kingdom -

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