Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, August 1, 2021

Saudi Arabia sets the date of 2nd dose for those who infected with Corona after first dose

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has set the period needed to receive the second dose of the Corona vaccine in the event of infection with the Corona virus after receiving the first dose. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

The health ministry through its official Twitter said that, if a person infected with Covid-19 after receiving first dose of the vaccine, then he can receive his 2nd dose after at least 10 days of the infection, as per the current recommendations.

- The Ministry of Health Today confirmed that medical exception to Corona vaccines includes the cases of medically proven hypersensitivity to Corona vaccines or one of its components, as per medical reports. Trending  : Vaccination against Corona virus is must to enter public places in Saudi Arabia

- The Ministry said that medical reports and requests can be sent to email

- Today, Saudi Arabia announced 1,048 new corona cases, 1,285 new recoveries and 12 deaths in the last 24 hours, raising the total infections in the Kingdom to 526,814 of which 507,374 recovered with 8,249 deaths.

- Active cases of the Kingdom drops to 11,191 of which 1,403 are critical and are in ICU. In the last 24 hours the health officials did 98,642 covid-19 tests and 25.12 million (25,127,917) Corona tests so far since the beginning of the pandemic. Recommend : International Umrah pilgrims from non-banned countries can enter into Saudi Arabia from 10th August

- Saudi Arabia has administered nearly 27 million doses of the Corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers, of which first doses are 18.83 million, second doses are 8.14 million while the elderly people received 1.46 million doses.

Saudi Arabia sets the date of 2nd dose for those who infected with Corona after first dose -

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