Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, August 1, 2021

Restricting Remote Customer service Professions to Saudi citizens comes into Force

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced the end of the grace period specified for the decision to “limit remote customer service professions to Saudis.

The Ministry announced the start of implementing the decision from Today, as this decision applies to all establishments operating in the labor market, whether through direct or indirect contracting.

- The aim of the decision to contribute to providing many job opportunities in the professions and jobs of customer service, as it comes within a set of decisions to Saudize the professions that the ministry worked on. Trending : 2nd dose of Corona vaccine for those who infected after first dose will be after 10 days of infection

- The agreement of the plan for the localization of communications and information technology jobs that it concluded with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Human Resources Development Fund And the Communications and Information Technology Commission, which aims to allow Saudi people working in customer service professions and jobs to get decent job opportunities, provide an appropriate and stimulating work environment for them in the private sector, and improve the quality of customer experience in the Kingdom.

- The decision targeted all professions and jobs that are offered in call centers for remote customer service, whether by phone, e-mail, means of conversation, social media and direct interaction, in addition to work contracts or outsourcing services under which business owners are obligated to provide remote work.

- The Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, will provide support options for the decision through the Future Skills initiative, which provides programs to support employment, training, guidance and vocational guidance, and the initiative to localize call centers and technical outsourcing, which provides material and moral incentives to localize centers in the Kingdom, as well as cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) to provide several training and support programs for customer service professions through training and support channels such as “Tamheer, Doroob, Saifi, Hadaf Leadership Academy, and the Saudi Human Resources Gateway. Recommend : Fully vaccinated Tourists from non-restricted countries can enter into Saudi Arabia

Restricting Remote Customer service Professions to Saudi citizens comes into Force -

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