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CITC in Saudi Arabia launches Free Local Roaming service in Villages and Deserts

​The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in Saudi Arabia announced the launch of the local roaming service, which aims mainly to maintain network service in villages and deserts covered by telecom services in all regions of the Kingdom. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

The local roaming service allows users to change the network to another service provider in case of the service provider was not covered basic network service in that area, at no additional charge to the user.

- During the service launch event, which was held at the CITC’s headquarters in Riyadh, three companies providing the network service in the Kingdom, STC (Saudi Telecom Company), Mobily (Etihad Etisalat Company) and Zain (Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Company) were signed commercial agreements between each other. See Also : Saudi Arabia's more than 53 governorates has now 5G services

- The authority clarified that, local roaming service includes all services, like voice services, Internet services, short text messages “SMS” services in 21,000 villages of the Kingdom that are covered by telecommunications services, without charging any additional costs, as services will be charged at the base operator rate.

- The CITC revealed that the implementation of the local roaming service will start in the Asir region initially and will be completed in the rest of the Kingdom's regions by the end of 2021.

- The Governor of the CITC, Dr. Muhammad bin Saud Al-Tamimi, said that the "local roaming" service comes within the framework of the authority's work with all parties covered with providing the best telecommunications services, pointing out that the service aims to allow service providers to benefit from the telecommunications networks of other service providers to meet the requirements of customers through it. Recommend : 60,000 Free WiFi hotspots in Saudi Arabia at public places of Saudi Arabia

- The aim of the decision is also to support for service providers to reach the largest number of users, in order to ensure an increase in the number of available options, raising the level of competition, improving service quality and improving the users experience on the one hand, and supporting digital transformation in the villages and deserts of the Kingdom, achieving its objectives and spreading its services on the other hand. See Also : Procedure to check how many sim cards registered on your iqama

CITC in Saudi Arabia launches Free Local Roaming service in Villages and Deserts -

CITC in Saudi Arabia launches Free Local Roaming service in Villages and Deserts -

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