Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, July 19, 2021

Ministry of Health announces possibility of Booking 2nd Dose after 3 weeks of 1st Dose

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced the possibility of booking the second dose of the vaccine against Corona virus, at least 3 weeks after taking the first dose.

Earlier, The ministry had confirmed that the period set for receiving the second dose of the “emerging corona” vaccine is 42 days and the first dose does not lose its effect if the period increased.

- Today, The Ministry confirmed that the infection of the Covid-19 is increasing and spreading rapidly in gatherings, advising everyone of the importance of sticking to physical distancing, wearing a mask, and follow the preventive measures during Eid Al-Adha holidays to limit the spread of the Corona virus. Trending : Human Resources sets the conditions and procedure for Cancelling the visa

- The spokesperson of the Health Ministry, Dr. Mohammad Al Abdal Ali said that no infection with Covid-19 was recorded among the guests of Rahman (Hajj pilgrims).

- In the last 24 hours, Saudi Arabia reported 1,293 new corona infections, 1,453 new recoveries and 14 deaths, raising the total corona cases to 510,869 of which 492,149 recovered with 8,089 deaths.

- Active Corona cases in the Kingdom further drops to 10,631 of which 1,403 are critical and are in intensive cares, Today, the health ministry tested 93,540 people and the total tests done by the Ministry since the beginning of the pandemic reaches 23,831,953. Recommend : No closure of Shops, Commercial and Economic activities during prayer time

- Saudi government has provided more than 22.83 million (22,813,648) doses of Corona vaccine through more than 587 vaccination centers all over the Kingdom of which 18.44 million are first doses, 4.37 million are second doses and the elderly people received 1.4 million doses.

Ministry of Health announces possibility of Booking 2nd Dose after 3 weeks of 1st Dose -

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