Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 8, 2021

Percentage limit of Indian, Bangladeshi workers allowed to Work in Private companies of Saudi Arabia

The "Qiwa" electronic platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has revealed the percentage of employees of some nationalities allowed to work in private sector companies. 

The Qiwa stated that the maximum number of Indian workers allowed to work in a private company is 40 percent of the total number of workers, the same rule of 40% applies to the Bangladeshi workers too, while the maximum limit of Yemeni workers has been set to 25% and Ethiopian nationals to 1% respectively.

- The Ministry's Qiwa platform confirmed about the maximum percentage of Indian, Bangladesh, Yemeni and Ethiopian workers through email to some companies, as per the report of Saudi Gazette. See Also : Conditions and Eligibility of Expat worker for Job Transfer in Saudi Arabia as per new labor reforms

- The portal clarified on companies where the number of workers exceeds than specified percentage, Qiwa platform said that it will allow to issue and renew work permits and iqamas of workers, but there will be restrictions on issuing new visas or transfer of services of additional workers of the same nationality to these companies.

- Earlier this, the owner of some private companies were unable to issue visas or transfer services to companies where the number of workers exceeded than specified percentage of each nationality in the system. As they received a message that "You have exceeded the permissible limit of the number of workers for this nationality, so you can request one visa for this nationality in cases that there is no employee of this nationality with you".

- Qiwa platform provides the ministry's services and solutions to improve the e-services provided to the labor sector. The portal aims to combine efforts and unite workforce services under one platform and develop governmental services provided to the private sector online. Join 'Saudi Expatriates' Telegram channel

Percentage limit of Indian, Bangladeshi workers allowed to Work in Private companies -

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