Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 6, 2021

Saudi Arabia surpasses 180 countries to top in World in environmental performance indicators

Saudi Arabia has outperformed 180 countries in two indicators of environmental performance, According to the National Center for Performance Measurement "Adaa", which monitors the international indicators.

The Kingdom ranked 1st in the "Tree Cover Loss" and "Wetland" indicators in addition to surpassing 172 countries in preserving and protecting natural environments and preventing the disappearance of rare animal species, ranking 8th in the world in 'Species Habitat Index'.

- Saudi Arabia's environment performances were revealed after the international community marked World Environment Day. Related : Saudi Crown Prince launches 'Saudi Green' and 'Green Middle East' initiatives

- As per the Adaa center, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture is making remarkable efforts to protect the environment, which had an important impact on life, wealth and the economy and contributed to preserve the environment's natural resources and their sustainable development.

- Saudi Arabia's achievements in the environment related sectors are important in the international indicators, according to Adaa, Saudi Arabia ranking 1st in 'Tree Cover Loss' indicator which confirms its preservation of forest areas, this indicator measures the average annual loss in forest area over the last 5 years.

- The Kingdom also outperformed 133 countries by ranking 34th in the World and first in the MENA region in 'Forest soils and site indicator', which assesses the quality of life, including to 'No Floods' and 'Sustainable Nitrogen Management' as sub indicators of the 'Forest soils and site', in which Saudi Arabia has ranked 17th and 19th in the world. Recommend : 10 Years jail and 30 million fine on cutting down Trees in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia surpasses 180 countries to top in World in environmental performance indicators -

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