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Saudi Arabia reports 18 deaths due to complications of Corona, Total 7,537

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Health, Infectious Diseases Consultant in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah bin Mufreh Asiri, said that those who are opposing Corona vaccines are investing their time in people’s pain, highlighting that they are fake battles and a mean method.

Dr. Abdullah bin Mufreh said, “May God have mercy on those we lost in this Corona pandemic, and their highest ranks in the gardens of heavens. Investing in people’s pain in imaginary battles is a low method we have known from opponents of vaccines in the West, and it seems that their followers are following their path.”

There is no ideal time between 2 doses of corona vaccines, he confirmed that following up on levels of immunity after the first dose of corona virus vaccines shows that there is no ideal period between the two doses. Trending : Saudi Arabia to manufacture 6,000 ventilators in a year to save corona patients

- He continued, Delaying the second dose stimulates better immunity in some vaccines, and "There is no need to worry about delaying the second dose for some groups of society it is for the public good."

- Countries that apply institutional quarantine to arrivals, look at the rates of disease spread and variants in the countries of arrival, regardless of the traveler's immunization status, he added.

- He pointed out that there are countries that have adopted 3 months between the two doses, and countries 4 months, before scheduling the second dose, explaining that the epidemiological situation and demographics are the decisive factor. Recommend : Saudi Arabia's 53 governorates has 5G network services

- Today, The health ministry of Saudi Arabia reports 1,175 new Covid-19 cases, 1,262 recoveries and 18 deaths after testing 90,559 corona tests, the total number of Covid-19 tests done in the Kingdom so far reached to 20.2 million (20,203,947).

- The total number of Corona infections in the Kingdom rose to 463,703 of which 446,054 recovered with 7,537 deaths.

- Today, Saudi Arabia's active Corona cases stood at 10,112 of which 1,559 are critical are in intensive cares, transferring 6 cases to critical care in the last 24 hours. 

- Saudi Arabia has provided more than 15.5 million (15,543,151) doses of Corona vaccine so far through out the Kingdom. Like 'Saudi Expatriates' on Facebook

Saudi Arabia reports 18 deaths due to complications of Corona, Total 7,537 -

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