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The Situation in India turns into a terrifying Nightmare, A race against Death in the country of a Billion people

The health situation in India has turned into a nightmare that spreads terror and fear in the rest of the world, as Gandhi's country has crossed the barrier of 20 million cases of Covid-19, while the number of deaths has increased in record numbers.

India has recorded more than 20 million cases of Corona virus, while the peak of daily infections last week was recorded with 402,000 cases. As for the number of deaths, it has exceeded 222,000 cases so far, in a dramatic outcome that epidemiologists have credited it to the religious and political gatherings in recent months and to the laziness of the Narendra Modi government, which did not take the pandemic seriously enough.

- Experts believe that the actual numbers of the epidemic are much higher than the official figures. There are dramatic scenes, including patients die at the gates of hospitals without hope for treatment.

- The emergence of new strains (such as the Indian one) usually raises a sudden panic, although experts consider it a natural process, as viruses over time acquire mutations that guarantee their survival. Trending : India extends ban on international flights till 31st May

- Frequently these mutations do not pose a great risk. However, the nature of the mutation may sometimes increase the severity of the virus infection and thus the speed of its spread.

- In some cases, the virus may acquire immunity against the vaccines in circulation, which necessitates the development of new vaccines. It is still too early to determine the nature of the so-called Indian breed and whether or not it is actually more deadly than former. India faces record shortages of oxygen and medicine with a crumbling health system.

- The health system in India suffers from a severe deficit, and is not prepared to face a destructive situation on the scale of the Corona pandemic. There is a dire shortage of hospital beds, in addition to a shortage of medicines and oxygen, despite the inflow of international aid in recent days.

- India is a country with a demographic predominantly young (two-third of the country's population of 1.3 billion people) is under the age of 35. Recommend : UAE send medical supplies to India

- The worsening health situation appears not only in hospitals and sanatoriums, but also in the crematoria. In the capital, New Delhi, the number of vacant recovery and intensive care beds per day is less than twenty, and thousands are crowding out for their victory, out of more than 5,000 beds.

- Patients move from one hospital to another, some of them die in the street and others die in their homes, while oxygen trucks move under armed guard in light of the very low stock, and the incinerators work around the clock.

- In order to face the shortage of doctors, the government has worked to include trained doctors and medical students to participate in fighting the pandemic as part of a package of measures that will help medical staff working day and night to save patients.

- Walter Lindner, the German ambassador to India, told Bayern II, the German radio, that there are 20 or 30 hospitals and there are no beds everywhere. See Also : Kuwait to send oxygen supplies and relief aid to India

- He added, “We no longer have any other beds, for anyone, regardless of the privileges they have.” Although aid has been delivered from several countries, there is still a shortage of oxygen. “This cannot be fixed overnight, we have to provide a lot of help."

- The German Media Network website (April 2) went in the same direction, writing, “The health system in India is on the verge of collapse, in an atmosphere of despair, as some relatives of Corona patients are forced to use medicines that studies have not proven effective yet, or that they can obtain Them on the black market. "

- Hundreds of thousands of Indians with Corona are struggling to survive after hospitals run out of oxygen stocks. It is ironic that India, which is known for its global leadership in the pharmaceutical industries, is in need of drugs and oxygen, as it faces a tidal wave of Corona.

- Speculators took advantage of this crisis to create a black market, which was faced by a massive movement of solidarity on social sites. Read : Military spending rises in World to 1.98 Trillion in 2020

- The world obsessively watches the development of the epidemic in India through the horrific stories spread by the media in the country, as social networking sites have turned into forums that have prompted desperate citizens to beg for medicine, oxygen and sometimes beds to receive them in overcrowded hospitals.

- Lack of oxygen became one of the main headlines of this crisis. The Indian authorities are seeking to import fifty thousand tons of oxygen, and they also obtained aid in the form of respirators from several countries, including Germany and Britain.

- Today, a German Air Force transport plane took off for India with components for medical oxygen generation. The devices are expected to arrive tomorrow, Thursday, as part of German emergency aid. The German unit converts the outside air into high percentage medical oxygen that can be filled in cylinders.

- For his part, Chief of Staff of the German Air Force, Ego Gerharts, said, "For us, air transport is a usual issue, but we know that the issue is related to human lives in the fight against this pandemic and we know that everyone's life is important. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia ships 80 Metric Tons of Liquid Oxygen to India

- India has opened the field of vaccination against the Corona epidemic to its adult population, which is estimated at about 600 million people, although a number of states most affected by the third wave, such as Maharashtra and New Delhi, have warned of a drastic shortage in the number of available vaccine doses.

- The vaccination campaign collides with bureaucratic difficulties, and discrepancies over prices, in addition to technical pitfalls that confuse the work of the government electronic platform established for this purpose. India has so far managed to administer about 150 million doses, which is equivalent to 11.5 percent of the total population of about one billion and three hundred million people, and the number of those who have received two doses of the vaccine does not exceed 25 million.

- Indian experts from the team of scientific advisors appointed by the Indian government confirmed that they had warned the health authorities in the country at the beginning of March about the emergence of a mutant strain of the Corona virus, which is more contagious and widespread in the country.

- Four of the experts said their warnings had gone ignored by the central government, which ruled out imposing major restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. Many religious and political gatherings were organized, attended by millions of people who did not adhere to the rules of social distancing, often without medical masks, as per the report of Ajel. Read : India surpasses Brazil to become the country with most number of corona infections

The Situation in India turns into a terrifying Nightmare, A race against Death in the country of a Billion people -

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