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Saudi Arabia including Gulf is not Immune to the Indian Corona Virus infection - World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that the countries of the Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, are not immune to the mutated Indian virus strain, especially with the geographical closeness with the Asian country.

World Health Organization confirmed the reporting of the mutated Indian virus strain by 4 countries in the Gulf region, namely Bahrain, Iran, Jordan and Morocco, among with the 44 countries worldwide that reported this mutation.

- WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr.Ahmed Al-Mandhari, said that Riyadh is still making all possible efforts since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, by providing all the necessary potential and moving in parallel levels. Related : A race against death in the country of a billion people

- Whether it by monitoring the virus, discovering it, monitoring infections, expanding testing and tracking Contacts, providing the highest level of health care, and updating treatment protocols, in an attempt to deal with the pandemic and contain the virus.

- The international official explained that with the emergence of the vaccine, Saudi Arabia was among the countries that quickly provided it to its citizens and resident expats, praising its role within the G20 framework to contain the pandemic internationally.

- WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean pointed out that the international organization appreciates the solidarity role that Saudi Arabia plays at all levels and in all areas, including its speed to support India, calling on all countries and donors to follow the suit.

- Al-Mandhari warned of reaching an alarming stage soon, highlighting that the global and regional situation remains a cause for concern, and all applicable efforts must continue, as we still need more coordination across various sectors, more community participation, as well as strict adherence to health measures, Public and social measures. Recommend : India extends ban on International flights till 31st May

- Regarding wearing masks for those who were vaccinated or for those who received the vaccine, Al-Manzari said that the organization’s guidelines on wearing masks, whether for those who were not vaccinated or for those who received the vaccine as it is, recommend that they continue to wear even between those who are vaccinated to ensure that infection is not transmitted in the interval between the two doses, especially it must Globally, the majority of people still have not received the corona vaccine.

Saudi Arabia including Gulf is not Immune to the Indian Corona Virus infection - World Health Organization -

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