Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saudi Police arrested a Citizen, Public Prosecution ordered several arrests after Viral videos

The Hail region police in Saudi Arabia managed to arrest a citizen who photographed the security men while performing their job duties and commented on them in offensive terms, and posted this on social media.

The media spokesman for the Hail region police, Captain Tariq Al-Nassar, said that the results of the security follow-up to combat information crimes and track the criminals, resulted in the competent authority in the district police being able to arrest a Saudi citizen who is in 30's of his life.

- He is arrested for filming security men while performing their security duties, and commenting on them verbally in abusive phrases and posting them it in social media. Trending : Haramain Security Forces arrested a person who tried to climb Minbar of the Makkah's Grand Mosque during Friday sermon

- The spokesman for the Hail Region Police stated that the perpetrator was arrested and initial legal measures were taken against him and referred to the Public Prosecution branch.

- In other case, The Public Prosecutor issued a decision to arrest several people who attacked a person in a sports hall in the city of Riyadh, after monitoring the incident on social media.

- The Parliamentary Monitoring Center monitored the circulation of informational content about several people deliberately attacking a person inside the swimming pool of a sports hall in Riyadh.

- The Public Prosecutor ordered the criminal case against everyone who participated in the assault, by arresting them and referring them to the Public Prosecution Office, as well as arresting the photographer and publisher of the content through social media. Read : Public Prosecution warns about spreading rumors in Saudi Arabia

- The Public Prosecution traced everything that would infringe on the freedoms of others and commit assault in any form.

Saudi Police arrested a Citizen, Public Prosecution ordered several arrests after Viral videos -

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