Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Food waste in Saudi Arabia exceeds 4 million tons worth 40 billion riyals in a Year

The Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Fadley called all the people of the Kingdom to maintain a balance in purchasing foodstuffs in a way that achieves sufficiency and does not lead to wastage of food.

Last week, Ministry published a drama video clip, in which it calls for food not to be wasted, In the clip a woman appears to be throwing food remains in the trash, while a voice in background advises her that a shortage of food is better than an increase in garbage.

The Ministry said that food waste has negative impact on the environment, health and economy, the amount of food waste in Saudi Arabia is at around 4.066 million per year while reaching more than 1.3 billion tons globally, as per the report of Saudi Gazette. Trending : No repeat of Umrah for pilgrims in Ramadan

The Deputy Minister of Environment Mansour Al-Mushaiti said Saudi Arabia is taking advanced steps to contribute to achieving food security by restoring positive behavior, rational consumption and avoiding the risks of food wastage.

- According to the Governor of the Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) Ahmed Al Fairs, food waste is estimated to be at 40 billion Saudi Riyals per year.

- Awareness must be increased to bring down the food wastage so as to benefit from food surplus, every member of the community has to interact and share their daily experiences and practices to avoid food waste, he added. Recommend : Postponing the 2nd dose of vaccination until further notice

Food waste in Saudi Arabia exceeds 4 million tons worth 40 billion riyals in a Year -

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