Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Ban on wearing transparent, tight outfits, hats, chains and Make up for Hospital Workers on Duty

Hospital's and medical center's staff in Saudi Arabia are directed to strictly comply with the approved dress code while on duty and not to wear any clothes that have images, writings or slogans contrary to the Islam.

Hospital's and health facilities workers must not wear see-through and tight skinned clothes or those with slits all over the Kingdom as per the received directives from the higher authorities.

- The directive asked to make sure their employees shall follow the dress code and not allow to those to work at hospitals and medical centers, who do not comply with these regulations. Trending : After 30 years of closure, Iraq, Saudi Arabia reopened ArAr border

- It is also banned from wearing outfits emblazoned with images, inscriptions or emblems that violating religion Islam, displaying hairdos, donning hats or wearing make-up.

- The directive also bans hairstyles, wearing hats and chains or using cosmetics, as per the report of Saudi Gazette.

- The directives have been to primary health care managers and department heads at hospitals to make sure male and female workers compliance with the dressing regulations and exclude the violators from work. Read : Human Resources Ministry raised minimum salary to 4000 to calculate in Nitaqat program

- Each health practitioner needs to sign a declaration form attached with the directive. The declaration form includes readiness to comply with the dress code of health facilities and a ban on wearing transparent, tight or open clothing.

Ban on wearing transparent, tight outfits, hats, chains and Make up for Hospital Workers -

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