Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Emirates pays 1.4 bln Dollars Ticket refunds to its Customers due to Covid-19

Emirates Airlines has refunded almost all of its customers, who were cancel their flights due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic, the refunds of 1.4 billion US dollar issued.

The Dubai based carrier confirmed that so far, it has spent 5 billion UAE dirhams as compensation for affected passengers after the airline was forced to suspend its flights after Corona related ban.

- Airlines around the world have been flooded with requests from customers who have asked for refunds since the beginning of the pandemic, governments around the world shut down their borders, forced carriers to cancel bookings. Trending : Riyadh police arrested a Taxi driver for filming secretly female passengers

-  Emirates has completed more than 1.4 million requests from travelers, which is 90% of the airline refund backlog. These are the requests received up to June, except few cases which needs to be reviewed manually.

- The airlines said most of the cases are straightforward and that these processed quickly. But there are few cases which will take more time for out customer teams so manually review and complete. See Also : Absher platform in Saudi Arabia exceeds 17 million users

- The Emirates said we are grateful to our customers for their patience and understanding said the airline in its statement.

- The airline is committed to “honoring refunds” and that they are trying their “utmost to clear the massive and unprecedented backlog” that was caused by the health crisis. Read : Oman to allow international flights from 1st October

- Emirates also said that it continues to coordinate with other service providers in the travel industry to return the money of customers who have secured Emirates tickets through travel agents.

Emirates pays 1.4 bln Dollars Ticket refunds to its Customers due to Covid-19 - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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